How will charitable giving in 2021 compare to the level of giving in 2020 for your nonprofit?

Our team is planning a research study to gain an understanding of how donors are approaching their philanthropy in the second half of 2021. Our 2020 research study, “Charitable Giving in the Wake of COVID-19”, proved to be highly accurate in forecasting giving and helped many ministries and organizations like yours successfully plan year-end fundraising.
We're inviting you to join other nonprofits across the country in allowing us to include your mid-level and major donors ($500 or more in either 2019 or 2020) in this nationwide study. 

The survey will launch on June 4 and close on July 20. The report will be available in late August.

Click here to learn more about participating:

2021 Annual Donor Insight Study FAQ.  

*Note: We will NOT collect any data that will allow us to identify participating donors. Information provided will be anonymous and used strictly for the purposes of this research.